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So I’m sending out an SOS for the seas, an urgent plea to stop its ongoing destruction. 

      Whilst we’ve all been talking about it, reading about it, worrying about it, we’re still not doing much about it. We’re still not properly protecting 97.3% of our oceans. We’re still not working to give them the same sacredness or attention as our forests and land conservation areas. But we ARE still pillaging them like there’s no tomorrow. There are many imminent threats to the sea but overfishing is the biggest and perhaps most fixable one. Yet with fish consumption rising faster than our population, the problem isn’t going anywhere! Destroying the life in our oceans is terrifying in itself but with the impact on human life and climate change it’s downright apocalyptic.

Europe is the world's biggest importer of fish... That means we're supporting a genocide of life in our seas. That means we're supporting an industry whose success is dependant on leaving the rest of the world fishless. Because there are NOT plenty of fish in the sea. Although you've heard it before I'm repeating a message that can't be repeated enough. We cannot sponsor this destruction! Instead we must sponsor those reversing and stopping our damage. So in that spirit I'm walking 500 km- (500!!) from Santander to Santiago de Compostela along the northern coast of Spain. This walk began for my own reasons, but I’m also motivated by a need to draw attention and fundraise for this issue. It would really mean so much to me if you could help me help eachother help. 

If you have the means please, PLEASE consider donating to my fundraiser for the amazing organisations on this website. But more importantly be aware of what you buy, and if you don’t know much about the industry you can read a short synopsis below. Although a drop in the ocean, its part of the bigger initiative to take back responsibility for our destructive lifestyles. 


thoughts plans & Problems


I am currently walking the Camino del Norte from Santander to Santiago de Compostela, literally as I type (just this paragraph). I’m walking past a stunning beach, watching the surfers go to war with the Atlantic waves. There’s a forest right next to me immiting bird or sea creature noises so strange that I’m not sure which they are. When I arrive I’ll have walked 500km!! Whilst this is normally a holy walk (or used to be) I am instead trying to have faith that I can motivate my small circle of influence aka YOU to engage with this issue. Namely how we are destroying our oceans. Maybe for every kilometre we can save one fish? Hard not to feel insignificant but that’s okayyyy.


the war on fish

 Im walking to raise awareness and funds for the countless issues related to overfishing. These are ecological, animal welfare and social justice issues which all take root in our consumption. If you haven't already read up about it, please, please, please, check it out here or anywhere really. If you're already informed, amazing, you must be freaked out and wanting to help so if you have the means check it out on the help page. 

the problem


Almost 46% of the great pacific garbage patch is from fishing gear

Huge depletion of fish stocks

Mass fishing methods are employed that are wasteful, cruel to animals and destroy seafloor, corals & habitats. Sometimes these methods are illegal with frequent reports of slavery used aboard huge trawlers. 

Click here to stop ilegal fishing & harmful practises

Click here to help clean our oceans

Click here to protect

marine life 

Ecosystem breakdown. Leading to a mass destruction of life in our oceans 

Climate change. The seas are an important mitigator for climate change. Need I say more?

Click here to protect

marine life 

Fish is becoming a quickly diminishing food source in places where there is already food insecurity. Protecting our seas is about world hunger and equality.

Click here to tackle widening inequalities related to sea destruction.

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